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Beautiful beaches. Sunshine. Great food. Carnival. What's not to love?

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Barbados! If you've never been to Barbados, you need to go!

Of course, we expect beautiful powder soft, white sand beaches because the island has some of the most beautiful beaches I've ever seen; but if you look closely, on most of the beaches, you can see specks of pink sand glistening in the sunlight. Stunning! Or, if you are lucky enough, take a day trip over to Crane Hotel and see a true pink sand beach nestled between breathtaking cliffs.

Stroll through the gap in the evening to enjoy incredible cuisine or dance the night away while live performances happen in most of the establishments after dark.

If you're considering enjoying carnival in Barbados, you must go! I have played MAS many times already but none of my experiences are as alive and effervescent as the time I played in Barbados.

Cropover 2017 exceeded my expectations. If you're planning a trip to Barbados for Cropover, keep these tips in mind:

1. #TeamNoSleep

If you think you’ll have time to sleep - think again. If you typically need 8 hours of sleep, try to stock up on sleep now ( don't you wish you could really do that?).

If you think you’re going to sleep during times you don’t have an event planned –think again. Something is bound to come up and you’re going to want to go. Accept it. From the time you arrive to time you leave you will not sleep again. Yes, it will feel like you may never sleep again. Don’t worry you will – it just won't be during crop over if you're doing it right.

2. Keep your wristbands

Generally, I dislike the feeling of having wristbands on any longer than they need to be. But, it’s common to see people wearing an arm full of wristbands like a badge of honour. It’s a brave display of all the parties they’be been to and the commitment they showed to displaying their worst behaviour during carnival. If these wristbands had street value, then the more you wear, the more respect you earn from other jumpers.

3. Foreday is not optional

Do it. It’s freaking awesome. That is all.

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4. Hydrate

Water! Yes, we know our good friend Morgan (such a great rum) will appear in a cup or two but being in the sun for hours, or walking kilometre after kilometre on a long parade route means water is key to keep yourself in tip- top shape.

5. Take a dip in Springfield Beach at the end of the parade

Yes! Jump in fully dressed in your costume! Now I love to save pieces of my costume from carnival so one day I can pull out these artifacts to show my grandkids my glory days. But, if you've done the parade route right, there isn't much left of your costume anyway. After dancing and walking in the sun all day, nothing beats a dip in the ocean when you're all done.

6. Enjoy carnival

It's fun. My personal favourite was having unlimited food and drinks and "cooling stations" along the way (really just sprinklers hung high on the fence but you begin to look forward to dancing underneath them).

7. Visit Oistin's

Oistin's is a must when in Barbados. We loved our dinner at Mo's Grill. If you're up to it, don't pass up on their rum punch. Of course you won't be able to visit Oistin's on the day of the parade, but no list about Barbados is complete without mentioning Oistin's. I recommend visiting on a Friday night.

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Curious about visiting Barbados or would love to take a group to the next Cropover? Contact us today!