• F.A.Qs

  • What is TICO and is Vacation Your Way registered with TICO?

    The Travel Industry Council of Ontario (TICO) regulates travel agencies in Ontario. Booking with a TICO agent protects the consumer under the Compensation Fund.

    Whether booking with an online agency not, it’s important to make sure they are TICO compliant.

    What types of vacations do we plan?

    It’s all about your needs at Vacation Your Way. We are here to help plan your:

    • destination wedding or group travel;
    • dream vacation;
    • anniversary, honeymoon or romantic getaway;
    • family or girlfriends’ getaway
    • unique intinerary including river cruises.

    We always plan your vacation, your way.

    I book online all the time. What is different about booking with a Travel Agent?

    Every vacation package includes services fees and commissions that you pay whether or not you use a travel agent.


    When you book with a reputable TICO registered agency, such as Vacation Your Way, you will get additional services and benefits. You also support a small business and guarantees you know who will receive the commission.

    Ofte, we can receive extra amenities and upgrades because of the personal relationship we have with suppliers and partners.

    We stay in contact throughout the booking process and can help you resolve any issues. Plus, we have an extensive network of professional agents with personal experience about hotels and destinations that you don’t have access to by shopping online.

    Why should I use Vacation Your Way instead of another retail travel agency?

    We are very proud to own our TICO registration and IATA numbers. Without these credentials, an agent can not sell travel.

    The truth is, there are thousands of travel agents out there but very few are actually willing to invest the money and follow the strict regulations set out by TICO and IATA to actually own their license and registration numbers. Often, agents will ‘rent’ the use of these numbers from another agency for a monthly cost.

    Agencies who own their TICO and IATA numbers have much more to lose that those who ‘rent’ and are much more cautious about following Consumer Protection guidelines to maintain licenses.


    Do you book groups?

    The more the merrier! We have over 10 years experience booking destination weddings, family reunions, yoga retreats, and girlfriend getaways. We’d love to provide you with a group quote.

    How will I receive my travel documents?

    Electronic tickets are usually sent to our office about 21 days before departure. Once we receive your tickets we will email them to you.

    Paper documents may be sent in some cases.

    How do your prices compare with online prices?

    Our prices are very competitive. For package vacations, our prices are on par with online agencies but the value and service you get by booking with Vacation Your Way makes your money work better for you.

    Do we need travel insurance?

    We absolutely recommend purchasing travel insurance. We offer several packages to suit your needs. We’re happy to provide a quote.

    Do you organize South Asian Weddings?

    Yes, we are happy to help you plan your South Asian wedding. We partner with resorts that have researched and created packages to make your wedding a breeze. We prefer Palace Resorts and Sandals Resorts and are Karisma Resorts GIVC agents to ensure you get the most perks for your wedding.

    Why should I book a vacation with Vacation Your Way?

    Book with us because you deserve it!