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    Maybe You Envision...

    doing yoga near the ocean or running for miles on pristine, white sand at sunrise.

    For some, the perfect way to recharge includes dancing and laughing with a round of umbrella drinks next to your best friends.

    We know that wellness means different things for different women but whatever your idea of wellness is...


    We will help you do it your way.

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    You want to immerse yourself in the destination.

    You feel your best when exploring new destinations and learning new information about the customs and culture. You dream of visiting major landmarks, museums or exploring the ocean for shipwrecks and coral reefs.

    Sitting on the beach is great for a day or two but you need to get out and about.

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    Paddle boarding in Barbados

    Sooth yourself with the scent of exotic fragrances as you spoil your body in luxurious spas.

    Release your stress while enjoying a deep tissue massage as the waves roll onto the shore. Indulge in gourmet cuisine without worrying about doing the dishes.

    Calm yourself doing your favorite yoga poses as the sun rises and then retreat to your incredible sanctuary at the end of the day.


    Vacation Your Way can make it happen.


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    We love, love!


    Travel with a group of your friends to raise those good vibrations as you start your life together as a married couple. With years of experience organizing groups of all sizes; we can make your destination wedding a breeze!


    For celebration events -including vow renewals, bachelor and bachelorette parties- we can take the stress out of planning your large or small group vacation.


    Book your complimentary consultation today to get started.